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Website Updates:

02-18-2011: The latest Laughter edition: "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road"  Don't miss it.

02-05-201l: We're creating new buttons and easier surfing for our site.  Holidays have been updated.  Crafts to come soon.

01-15-2011: Calendar Updated for 2011

8-10-2010: Graphics have begun to be added.  These are for friends of LilLight.com to share what they have with one another. 

Inspirational pages, and humor pages, have been added.  Much more to come.

Behind the scenes, fonts and alphas are being put together to share with friends of LilLight.com.  Check back soon for this important new addition.

Pre-2010 Updates are off



 2: Groundhog Day
12: Lincoln's Birthday
14: Valentine's Day
21: Presidents' Day*
22: Washington's Birthday
27: Purim (Begins at Sundown)



  8: Mardi Gras
  9: Ash Wednesday
13: Daylight Saving Time
      ("Spring Forward" - Turn clocks 1 hour forward)
17: St. Patrick's Day
19: Purim
20: First Day of Spring


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