Read the Bible in a Year


Following are links to various sites that will provide you with a Bible-in-a-Year plan.  Additional notations are made for some that offer audio bibles online, as well.

Bible-in-a-Year-OTNT.html This schedule includes both an "Old Testament" & a "New Testament" reading each day.

This schedule is in Bible Order. This site offers a variety of Bible-In-A-Year schedules.  Also includes different translations, and languages!  Additionally, you can sign up for email notices (each day you will receive an email for that day's reading, and it will include links if you want to read online, for that specific scripture.). Bible-in-a-Year plan
Audio Bible Online
Various versions

You can read the pages here online, each day, and sign up for email notices.  This is the New Living Translation, and is provided by 700 Club/CBN. This plan is based on a weekly schedule.  Each day of the week covers a different category. 
(i.e., "The Law" on Mondays, "History" on Tuesdays, "Psalms" on Wednesdays, "Poetry" on Thursdays, "Prophecy" on Fridays, "Gospels" on Saturdays, "Epistles" on Sundays.) Has a Chronological version, as well as a version that includes OT, NT, Psalm & Proverbs each day.

For download of each version:

Version including OT, NT, Psalms & Proverbs each day:

Chronological version (that's time-order):


Important Help and Tid-bits for optimizing your Bible Reading time!

It's always best to have a Bible that you read from each day.  For many people, not all, visual recall can be very helpful.  Oftentimes, a visual image, a scent, or a sound, will help to spark a memory.  By reading from the same Bible, you will have better recall.  In similar, if you find listening easier to reading, try to listen to the same tapes/recordings, rather then different ones.

Nevertheless, it's best to read the Bible, or hear the Bible, each day - regardless of the venue.

Many people have found that their days are much more fulfilled if they read the Bible first thing when they get up, and have a better nights rest when they read it as the last thing they do before going to sleep.  Whether you choose these times to do your daily readings, or not, try reading some scripture upon arising and upon going to sleep.  As a minister once said: No Bible, no breakfast.

Another tid-bit: It has been proven that, what people learn in the first 15 minutes of a session, they retain the most.  Thereafter, the retention drops off steadily.  If you're daily readings are longer then 15 minutes - and for most people they will be, break them up into sessions during the day.  Give yourself 15 minutes, stop, then resume on the next hour or at another appointed time.

It was interesting to me to learn that Smith Wigglesworth had read his Bible for 15 (or 20) minutes each hour.  Never more.  He learned to read as an adult.  He came to be known as a man who was very versed in God's Holy Word.  Smith Wigglesworth had no idea of the 15 minute learning principle.  He must have been Inspired and Led ;-)

Pray before, and after, you read your Bible.  This is the most important Help Tip we can give!  Always Pray for the Lord to lead you, guide you, help you to understand, etc., each time you read your Bible - before and after.

We hope you will find these tid-bits helpful.  May God Bless You, Lift You, fill you with Love, Mercy, and Grace, and His Joy!